Using an E-Bike for Cardiorespiratory Therapy


As we break ground further and further into the technological age, we are always looking for new ways to make technology work in our favor. Sure, we might get frustrated from time to time over our computer acting up or we spend too much time on our phones, but advancement and innovation is crucial within the medical landscape. Constantly, doctors and therapists are searching out new ways to improve upon old concepts so that situations might be made easier for patients to get and stay healthy. This includes looking into alterations that can be made in the way we exercise, and a recent trend surrounding traditional biking is making things interesting.

E-bikes, or bicycles with electric motors attached to them for propulsion, are the latest method that researchers and therapists are looking into for assisting overall fitness — especially in those who might not otherwise get on a bike. Specifically, recent studies have singled out cardiorespiratory fitness as being the most effected by the use of e-bikes in a variety of ways.

Increase in Motivation

In a study conducted out of the Department of Sport, Exercise, and Health at the University of Basel, nearly 30 individuals that were considered “untrained” and overweight were put to the test of training for four weeks. While one half of this group worked out on traditional bikes, the other half utilized e-bikes. What was discovered over the course of the month was that although a motor was doing some of the propulsion, those on the e-bikes pedaled more and worked to achieve faster speeds, while also gaining elevation on a daily basis. This led analysts to determine that seemingly because of accessibility, this new method of biking actually raises the motivation of typically unfit individuals to participate in the activity on daily basis. In fact, this group is even motivated enough by the use of e-bikes to seek out an increase in their own challenge.

Getting Oxygen Pumping

Although some would assume that a e-bike may take some of the fundamental health benefits out of the traditional exercise, it was proven that the opposite is the case. Those that participated in the same activity on electricity propelled bikes possessed just as much oxygen uptake as those individuals who used the old-school method. Increased oxygen uptake points towards beneficial use of oxygen throughout the body and thus, is a strong indicator for improved cardiorespiratory wellness. This has many benefits, but most notably from the study, the individuals that participated in the study came out with their hearts working more efficiently overall following the case period.


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