Choosing the Right Physical Therapist for you

Choosing a physical therapist that best fits your needs can be confusing, time-consuming, and costly—especially if you’re jumping from one therapy clinic to another. If you are in need of physical therapy, keep the following in mind when choosing the provider or clinic that best fits you.

  • Are they certified?- It sounds elementary, but make sure your physical therapist is accredited and holds a degree from a recognized physical therapy program. Also, check and confirm that they have completed their national licensure examination.
  • Do they participate in your insurance plan?-  Be sure to check if they participate in your insurance’s network. Physical therapy can be costly but can be even more costly is the physical therapist is out of network. Call your insurance company and the physical therapist’s office to confirm participation.
  • Research is key- The internet is a valuable tool in researching just about anything. Using sites like this one, the search tool on your insurance provider, Yelp, Healthgrades, and WebMD are great resources to use for reading what others are saying about doctors they’ve seen before.
  • Support of at-home exercise programs- Rehab doesn’t end after you leave your physical therapist’s office. Home exercises are vital to the rehab process, so your physical therapist should provide detailed exercise regiments to do at home. This should be done via print out or even video links so you can see proper form and directions on each move.
  • Personality is a factor. Did you like the PT provider you tried? Sounds obvious, right? Physical therapy can be a long, painful journey and your physical therapist will be there alongside you. Open and constant dialogue, patient-inclusion, and transparency are imperative to the healing process. So after finding a physical therapist, make sure you are comfortable with them and envision yourself riding through the entirety of the rehab process and your custom plan of care.

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